Stefan Guevara

Stefan is a director at EEEmpire and manages the Logistics portfolio of the company.

Stefan holds the position of the Regulatory Manager at an Investment Firm in Trinidad and Tobago and, as such, brings his experience of Compliance and Risk Manager. He also holds a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Language Literature from the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

He is seen as a father figure within the organization, as he provides advice and guidance to the team on various matters, which is primarily why he is seen as the Human Resource person within EEEmpire. Stefan is usually the first one at the event and the last to leave, dedicating his time and effort to ensuring that all aspects are executed perfectly.

Stefan and Ken have known since their time at Hillview College and share over 15 years of friendship. He can be a very serious person at most times, but the entire team knows he’s really a fun-loving individual who genuinely cares about their well-being, the longevity of the brand, and the interests and satisfaction of their patrons.