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Barbahol to Go FAQ

What is Barbahol to Go?

Barbahol to Go is a National Event which features several chefs making the ‘best’ BBQ and allowing ticket holders to pick up their package or have these packages delivered.

What does your $160.00 Barbahol to Go Package Include?

This consists of two boxes of BBQ Meat and one box of a side. (based on the menu provided). Each package will also grant access to our private live show that runs from 8pm on the night of Barbahol. Other items such as discount cards, snacks, chow, collectable cups and more will be included. (All items while stocks last).

How is the concept of “Barbahol” going to be executed with Barbahol to Go?

  • Barbahol means Barbecue and Alcohol and in true EEEmpire fashion patrons can choose to add a bottle of alcohol such as a 700ml bottle of Hennessy to their package.
  • Barbahol is also advertised as an ‘Eat in the Day’ and ‘Dance in the Night’ type of event. Patrons will receive their food during the day and have the opportunity to participate in our closed live broadcast in the night.

How can I sign up to take part?

Buy a ticket from a committee member or purchase your package online on

Our tickets are securely guarded by our loyal Stormtrooper.

What happens after I buy my ticket?

Our customer service team will contact you via e-mail or WhatsApp to find out the following:

  • What is your order?
  • Your delivery or pick up location ?
  • Which bottle, if any, you would like to add to your order.

What is the menu?

  • Grill 4U – Maraval Road, POS
    Signature Barbecue Chicken + Pan Seared Lemon Butter Fish + large Creamy Mash Potatoes
    Garlic Butter Pink Salmon + Pan Seared Lemon Butter Fish + large Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries (Steak Special +$40.00)
  • We Grill – Trincity
    Chicken or Fish + Steak + macaroni salad and veggie fried rice
    Chicken or Fish + Lamb + macaroni salad and veggie fried rice
    Steak + Lamb (Steak Special +$40.00)
  • Chinee Chopper – Curepe
    BBQ Pigtail and Chinese Roast Pork with Large Rice or Mac Salad or Potato Salad (Special + $40.00). Grilled Chicken and Lamb with Large Rice or Mac Salad or Potato Salad (Special + $40.00)
  • Trinjam – POS 
    Highly Flavored Deep Smoky Jamaican Jerk Chicken + Jerk Pork +  Large Saffron Rice Fried down with a Veggie Medley
  • Munch Inn TT – Mt Lambert
    Carib Infused BBQ Chicken + Sweet Lemonade Salmon + Cranberry Carrot Rice
  • Pork Joint – Marabella
    Guava Flavored BBQ Pork + BBQ Pigtails + Vegetable Spaghetti + Sweet Coo Coo with Vegetable spaghetti or Spanish rice or Garlic bread or Tossed salad

Can I order from ANY location?

Yes you can! However, pick up and delivery will be from that specified location.

I want delivery! How does that work?

Click the link below to fill out our delivery form and we will refer a delivery company to you to fulfill your order.

Which delivery companies will dispatch my deliveries?

  • Skip D Line (Price based on distance – Nationwide)
  • Your Door TT ($50 anywhere in Trinidad)
  • Ate68 (Price based on distance – East)
  • Neighborhood Munchies ($20+ South)

How will the food be packaged?

This is not your regular box of BBQ. All meals will be packaged in separate boxes. This will allow you to create your plate and determine your serving size. Also, if enjoyed in a group this allows you to taste a wide variety of BBQ similar to our ‘real life’ Barbahol.

What is a ‘Special’?

A Special BBQ package will include two exotic meats such as Salmon and Steak along with one side of your choice (based on the menu provided). Specials cost $200.00.

What about Vegans and Vegetarians?

All vegetarian and vegan packages will be custom made based on your order and personal preference. (Limited to first come, first serve)

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