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Barbahol turns 1

Barbahol is now officially one year old. *throws confetti*

One year ago, we started bringing our dream of a national BBQ Party, an upgrade of Daniel Francis’ backyard shenanigans to life. (see video below)

History of Barbahol from Triple E Fam on Vimeo.

Barbahol 18 welcomed for the first time the Barbahol competition. This competition saw 21 crews competing for the Onlè Barbahol Trophy.

Sponsored by our event partners Onlè Caterers, this trophy and pride drove the crews to new competitive heights. Each crew pulling out the stops and cooking some of the tastiest BBQ ever.

Welcome to Treasure Island!

Appreciate the detail of this crew’s set up – a Pirate theme complete with swords and lost treasure.

Crews placed their best plate serving on the table mat for a special picture!

This BBQ Shrimp served in a Pineapple was to die for. YUP Life outdid themselves here.

The Winners, Dr. Caliente and Team Paranormik. Entered the competition last but finished first! What a success story.

86ix8 had GTC as their center piece. This is not to be confused with juice. GTC is not juice!

A house of cards! 86ix8 with the details!

Shots in syringes ? All labeled? Definitely an Alice in Wonderland theme. Beautifully portrayed by 86ix8 Family

Vegan wings ensured every vegetarian was satisfied at Barbahol!

Initiate Novelty was most present with their BBQ Beef!

You may know about the Genna bounce. But have you heard of Genna Genna Sorrel Chicken? Gourmet Hospitality are seasoned caterers who cooked up a special serving to everyone!

Barbahol 18 was hands down the most food in any cooler party ever in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kebabs just because.

Barbahol featured other delights such as ice cream treats

Alcohol infused popsicles were shared at Barbahol

What is a Trinidad food event without Pelau?

Team Centau’rs Tacos make us hungry every time

Our Judges were tasked with tasting all the food available!

Our Judges were tasked with tasting all the food available! Stephan Mawer a Lawyer and Foodie, Kerdyn Moe Leader of Dignitariez Entertainment, Charielle Plowden and Christophe Brathwaithe (judge supervisors), Jules Sibhon Leader of Caesars Army, Tim Tim a popular radio personality and Mark Hardy a popular musician.

The competition was expertly judged by the best in the industry!

The official results:

1st Place – Dr Caliente and Team Paranormik

2nd Place – Red Jokers

People’s Choice (By Votes on the night) – Centaur

People’s Choice (By Instagram likes) – Initiate Novelty

The Party

After “Eating in the Day” all patrons “Danced the Night Away” for hours on end. One patron said; “Everything was wonderful! Dj made my Carnival reveler come out, my gaza Barbie jump out, my hood chick and my inner white girl come alive.”

Thousands gathered and partied together.

Individuals of multiple races and age groups danced together as one.

Party treats such as coconuts, snow cones and ice cream were shared among patrons and the event continued on a high into the night. The occasional light drizzle at Ortinola Estate failed to cool down the hot, raving party atmosphere! The entire night ended on a high and this patron summed it up.

In short:

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