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Vote for the pool

In March we boldly announced a series of 7 events. The first of these, was our signature EEEmpire Strikes Back House Party. EEEmpire Strikes Back, represents us as a group challenging the status quo providing a full party experience at minimal expense and effort for the patron. This time, we[…]

The Most Convenient Carnival Fete

Tropical LUAU Carnival (TLC) is a Carnival fete ready for modern times; when there is no time to waste unless it is time to wine your waist. (Tickets cost $400.00ttd / $60usd and they are conveniently unisex!) This is what comes with your ticket: Revolving Food Menu Usually, when food[…]

Soca Starts on a Sunday

Click Here to buy tickets for Sekon Sunday 2009 To tell the story of EEEmpire and Sekon Sta, we must start our story in the ‘summer’ of 2009. More than 9 years ago, Sekon Sta had dreams of Soca success, having achieved the milestone of entering the Soca Monarch Finals[…]

What is Tropical Luau?

Tropical LUAU introduced a slice of island life to Trinidad Carnival. From humble beginnings in the backyard of Raj’s house in Valsayn to the lush, vast Green Meadows Estate, Tropical LUAU Carnival is the epitome of your Tropical Fete. Throughout the years, EEEmpire along with different collaborators such as Play 365[…]