Not Another EEEmpire Beach Lime

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  • Date: July 28, 2019
  • Time: 14:00
  • Location Private Beach
  • Venue: MAYARO

This event blends the best parts of a Road Trip and Beach Lime to create a euphoric experience unheard of anywhere else in the Caribbean. Imagine packing your cooler or joining a free drinks party bus and driving through the picturesque Manzanilla stretch to arrive on a hidden paradise beach front – barely touched by people.

Spread blankets, relax, recline and enjoy activities such as lazer tag, giant jenga and beer pong. Food and drinks will be on sale for your convenience and music playing for all. As the sunsets, as is the custom at EEEmpire the vibes turns up for a quick hour or two before all depart.

This will be the 20th installment of NAEBL, a lime started by a couple friends in 2010 and refined over the years to be the best Beach Lime experience that money can buy.

Get there on a Party Bus for $200 (with DJ & FREE Rum and Beers) or Drive & pay $250 for your entire car.

This is a beach lime, so Bikinis please! Bring your coolers, beach chairs, footballs etc! Lets have fun in the sand.

Reserved Tables are available for bookings; msg 777-4536 or 794-5071‬

Party Bus & Maxi Meeting Points are Movie Town, Grand Bazaar and Macoya for 11am.