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In Crust We Trust

We are on a mission to bring people together.

This started with our committee and their friends. Our first event under the brand “EEEmpire” was held in 2009, so one can imagine that we have made many friends along the way, throughout the years.

Last Sunday, we invited our old and new friends, discussed plans and heard feedback on our past initiatives over pizza and vodka. This event was something in between a business mixer and a college reunion. In 2017, our outfit has grown from a band of students making extra money into a network of professionals and business owners with a vested interest in developing our economy through connecting people.

The evening started in trademark EEEmpire style, at dusk with the Sun dipping below the Port of Spain skyline as people walked in. La Cantina served an unlimited flow of meat and vegetarian pizzas. Each time a new pizza came out, the server would explain the type as their seemed to be an infinite variety of toppings dished out by the Chef.A few hours in, Stefan Guevara broke the ice prompting each person to introduce them self and share how they were connected to our empire. As this continued, the rich diversity of the group was clear and this set the stage for Ken’s presentation. This twas much more a discussion than a speech.. Ken summed up 7 years of past events, the company’s structure and a year of plans into 7 short slides.

At the end the discussion which ensued churned out amazing ideas guaranteed to make our future events remarkable. After the bright ideas, the lights dimmed and the cocktails flowed. Conversation sparked between close friends and people who had never met each other before. Mid conversation, depending on the musical selection, the ladies spontaneously combusted into a brief bubble.

Although this was just a pizza buffet, the event rallied on until the Dj announced the last song close to midnight. He played 5 different ‘last songs’ until La Cantina decided that was enough.

Everyone left ready to create a new space for the young professionals looking for a good time and innovative events.

EEEmpire. Forever.

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