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Soca Starts on a Sunday

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To tell the story of EEEmpire and Sekon Sta, we must start our story in the ‘summer’ of 2009.
More than 9 years ago, Sekon Sta had dreams of Soca success, having achieved the milestone of entering the Soca Monarch Finals at the tender age of 1he youngest to ever do this. While canvasing support for his musical career and looking for a good party, his paths crossed with a young Ken Sambury, who was on his way to starting EEEmpire.

By December 2009, Sekon Sta hosted the first EEEmpire powered event to showcase his music and the songs of his friends.

Sekon Sta and Keshav of Jus Now Productions at the first ever Sekon Sta event.
This event was proudly hosted by EEEmpire at Corner Bar.


Determined to live up to the legacy of his father, the late great calypsonian Merchant, Sekon Sta continued singing and participating in various competitions.
Before the beach limes and the Carnival Fetes, EEEmpire existed as a promotional outfit for the music and career of Sekon Sta. Most of EEEmpire’s youtube channel is littered with videos of Sekon Sta performing.

Sekon Sta was quite prolific in his Soca writing and Extempo with an equally determined team behind him. Stefan Guevara would often double as Prince Afroman, a fictional character who encouraged the public to keep supporting Sekon Sta.

Stefan Guevara as Prince Afroman – a character created to bring the ‘vibes’ back in the dance.


In the Carnival of 2016, Sekon Sta received his first ‘hit’ song that won him a slew of gigs and overseas shows. Building on the momentum of this, both EEEmpire and Sekon Sta partnered to host a Launch Party in December of 2016. Now significantly grown up, the grandeur of their event was evident. This Launch Party boasted complimentary cocktails, aerial dancers, acrobats, fire breathers and a star studded casts of musicians. This was the first place Sekon Sta performed Kings and Queens, which went on to be a timeless Carnival hit.


After a successful Launch, Sekon Sta and his music was a staple at every EEEmpire event.


Carnival 2018 saw the further development of the relationship between Sekon Sta and EEEmpire with their first ever Carnival Fete; Tropical LUAU. This fete included a full performance from Sekon Sta and his Soca Squad band, performing new hits as well as timeless classics.


Celebrating 20 years since the late, great Calypsonian Merchant passed and 10 years since Sekon Sta and EEEmpire started their journey together – Sekon Sunday will be the culmination of all their efforts. This event is the first ever “FETECERT” (Fete + Concert) marrying the concept driven feteing of EEEmpire and the musical prowess of Sekon Sta. Patrons can expect staples of any EEEmpire event – premium venue, plenty food and excellent service. Patrons are encouraged to dress like royalty, as this event is of personal significance to Sekon Sta. All supporters, friends and foes alike are invited to the showcase of a lifetime – Sekon Sta, on the edge of a bombshell 2019 season, brings all his artiste friends together and is putting on the FeteCert of a lifetime. Tickets for this event are very limited but the holder has a golden opportunity to be part of history.

The beautiful & covered Crews Inn courtyard. A high heel friendly venue.


Through a strategic partnership with the beautiful Crews Inn Hotel, individuals have the unique opportunity to make this event part of a getaway via hotel room or luxury yacht. In the future this event will be developed into a Raft Up & International Festival of Soca.

The Yachts docked at Crews Inn, the new home of our Sekon Sunday FETECERT
The picturesque Crews Inn Hotel and Poolside.

Soca Starts on a Sunday!

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