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Sunalia FAQ

What is Sunalia?
Pronounced “/sun-ey-lee-ah/ ” this is a festival of brands, ushering a new era of commerce, celebration and social distancing. A premium and modern sunset market. 

How Can I contact the admin?
Email –
WhatsApp – 868-777-4536
Official Hotline – 868-794-5071

How does Sunalia work?
Our group provides the space for vendors to ply their trade in a beautiful atmosphere with bazaar type activities. Vendors are to advertise to as many people visit the market to get sales. The combined marketing of each vendor and EEEmpire committee members will result in more sales for everyone.

What do vendors get?
Half of a 15×15 Tent or a full 10×10 Space. (Both will be over 100 sq feet of space) 1 Table and 1 Chair.

Can I bring my own table and chairs?
Yes, but because it is a premium market – snap a picture and show us (via email – so we can approve before you bring.

If I am sharing a spot do I have to share a Table?
No, you can get another table and more chairs from us. Tell us your needs 48 hours in advance.

What would be the cost of extra Tables and Chairs?
$150 for a table $20 for a chair
(Tables take up space that could be used for another vendor, hence the pricing)

How will COVID protocols be maintained?

  1. Temperature checks on entry
  2. Sink on entry to wash hands
  3. Contact Tracing via a guest list for everyone in the venue
  4. Limited admission
  5. Mask on Signs
  6. Volunteer “Covid police” to remind people about protocols
  7. Sidewalls in-between tents
  8. Outdoor, spaced out venue
  9. Spaced out seating and tables encouraging spread of patrons
  10. No stage or focal point allowing a free flow
  11. Vendors are asked to sanitize their areas & have hand sanitizer on deck
  12. A strictly enforced 10 people in front each tent rule

Can I come and set up later than the start time?
No. However exceptions can be made if you have another market prior for instance. Liaise with Daniel Francis – 868-783-6625 or email us.

How do the chits work?
Patrons pay $100 for tickets and get back $80 in chits. Patrons can also use their LINX card and purchase chits at the venue. Patrons can also pay $30.00 to enter on the day of the event. Chits can be redeemed for cash on the same night. (there is a small 5% transaction fee)

Downpayment deadline for vendors?
Monday 25th January, 2021 (Sunalia with Love)
Monday 1st March, 2021 (Sunalia Tobago)

Full payment deadline for vendors?
Thursday 4th February, 2021 (Sunalia with Love)
Thursday 22nd March, 2021 (Sunalia Tobago)

Can I give samples?
Samples and ANYTHING else to attract people to your tent / area is encouraged! The more samples the better.

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