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The Most Convenient Carnival Fete

Tropical LUAU Carnival (TLC) is a Carnival fete ready for modern times; when there is no time to waste unless it is time to wine your waist.

(Tickets cost $400.00ttd / $60usd and they are conveniently unisex!)

This is what comes with your ticket:

Revolving Food Menu

Usually, when food is finished it creates a feeling of deep sadness and despair. At TLC, we will have different types of food available at different times throughout the night. Even if there is a line, when you get to the front you will be served in first class style. No sample plates here, you get a full serving complete with sides and salad.

#TropicalLUAU features our famous Roast Pork! It is smoked for 4-5 hours AT the venue! When fully cooked, the skin is crispy and the meat LITERALLY falls off the bone.
No sample servings here!

Access to the Sandwich bar

Choose your topping from a variety of local and international dressings and spices.
You deserve this.

Easy Access to Drinks

Most cooler fetes offer two options; pack your cooler and come with it before their cut off time (6:30pm for TLC) or buy from the bar. We have decided that our patrons deserve another option, so we’ve introduced a cooler concierge service.

At TLC you can pre book your cooler (see below), pay online or your committee member and simply collect at the venue.

Premium, Spacious Venue

Tropical LUAU will be held at the picturesque Green Meadows Estate. Fire officials have approved a capacity of patrons greater than our printed tickets, this means that no ticket holder will ever be debarred entry.

Our venue is located in Santa Cruz which means there are multiple routes to get there, reducing traffic and there will be secure parking on the venue itself.

An integral part of our venue is the air conditioned hall within which our food will be served, with an adjacent deck where patrons will dine.

All of this occurs in an atmosphere where the air is fresh and the lush foliage provides the perfect backdrop to a night in the Tropics. Imagine everyone in their floral wear, ladies decked out in grass skirts and coconut bras enjoying sweet Soca music for 8 hours!

Unique and Memorable Performances

Tropical LUAU has a specially selected cast of entertainers and Djs, set to give you that perfect blend of vibes and attention. This is not a concert, this is an EEEmpire fete and when it comes to party, we are the greatest.

Our full cast is as follows:
Mr. Killa 🇬🇩
Sekon Sta
Erphaan Alves
Nailah Blackman 
Dj Puffy 🇧🇧
DJ Cha Cha and Indian 
Dj Bloodline Franco and Jr Chromatics 🇯🇲
Dj Watty and Penny
Dj Cee Four 🇻🇨

BRAVE is the anthem of Tropical LUAU! As products of the new generation, we will have a special performance from these artistes.

Safe and Responsible Feting

There will be a sober zone, providing complimentary water to all upon exit. We will even provide lifestyle condoms to keep you protected for your after party.

Tropical LUAU doesn’t stop there. Introducing Tropical LUAU Add-ons!

Carnival Costume Pick up

+ 35usd / $240 ttd

Carnival Pick Up is a service which will allow you to have your costume picked up and delivered to your home at your convenience. Download the app on the google play and apple app store!

A Baby Sitting Service

Ccare Babysitting Agency will be providing certified babysitters to watch over your young ones while you enjoy the fete!

Pre-Book your Cooler

+ $25usd / $150ttd and up

Pre book either our ABSOLUTely Ready or our Rum and Coca Cola cooler by February 26th. Come to the TLC with your two hands swinging and simply show your proof of purchase at the door to collect your fully stocked cooler at the bar.

Pre-Book your Transport with Travee

– 10% off

Travee will pick you up from your office or home if necessary at a predetermined time! Also use the discount code “TropicalLUAU” for 10% off your ride.

Tropical LUAU Carnival was created with a simple formula for euphoric results! Join us in the Tropics. Carnival Thursday is now Tropical Thursday.

Get your tickets now!

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