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In March we boldly announced a series of 7 events. The first of these, was our signature EEEmpire Strikes Back House Party. EEEmpire Strikes Back, represents us as a group challenging the status quo providing a full party experience at minimal expense and effort for the patron.

This time, we took patrons to Freeport a seemingly unlikely destination for an epic adventure. As per usual our location was pure perfection.

The Beautiful Trinidad sunset cast a golden light on our venue as Dj Trylum played hits from yesteryear.

Stefan Guevara greeted patrons and reminded them to check out the food / bar and take a jump in the water! EEEmpire men, as per usual, always training for the national beer pong championships could be seen in heated battle. Unfortunately no winner was declared but an inordinate amount of Carib Beer was consumed in the process.

Adam Taylor in deep concentration, determined to be the beer pong champion!

As the sun set, people blowed up their floaties and enjoyed the skies’ transformation from blue to gold floating in fine style.

Drinks flowed and the vibes accentuated into the night as our star studded Djs carried the party from one high point to another. Shomari Smith took the show poolside and began a Soca session, getting the entire party to sway to the beat of Soca Kingdom.

The Genna Bounce remained undefeated. Freeport turning into a dance school for 20mins.

Somethings happened that night that this article can’t explain. Like Fayola and this pineapple.

All in all, the EEEmpire stands strong and is ready to make this one hot summer.

EEEmpire. Forever.

The EEEmpire Army

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